Tears of a Clown….

I was so torn on this project…. so many things I could do with this image and not enough time to do a lot of the ideas I wanted to try, but I love how this came out.  The image went perfectly with a poem I found online by Arik Fletcher.   It suited my mood at the time AND the project image I chose by Rick St Dennis who is this months sponsor over at the Crafty Awesomeness Challenge  here on the blog.

I couldn’t even decide how to mat  this project.. lol.  I liked all of the variations .. for different reasons, so I have a feeling I will be redoing this project in various  mat options and adding them to our Abandoned Art bucket.

This was my final version …THIS TIME lol.

It’s a  blush colored mat I picked up last year with a bunch of clearance photo mats at my local Walmart.  It was stamped with a rose stamp.. which I would give you the details on, but I literally just packed up all of my stamps and forgot to check the details before sealing up that box  DOH.  It was then colored with Crayola  Pencils and some dry brushed.. black dye ink.

So here is my finished piece….and a few variations I took photos of along the way…. details below.

Image is Pierrot –  To Kiss a Rose
Poem is Tears of a Clown  by Arik  Fletcher
Mat Stamped and then colored with Crayola Color Escapes Pencils
Image colored with Chameleon Pens
Printed on Epson Ecotank on ABOUT TIME Pear Dots paper (gorgeous satin sheen with mat dots ) which I picked up from a local crafter last year who was destashing bulk crafting supplies.

I wander the world with the mask of a clown, 
Determined to never reveal that I’m down, 
The life of the party or so it would seem, 
Disguising my sorrow as living the dream.

I walk in the shadows beneath this black cloud, 
Lost in these dark thoughts I can’t speak out loud, 
Adrift in a cold sea of doubt and despair, 
I smile through the pain and pretend I don’t care.

I’ve known love and laughter and shared in their light, 
United the world in my comedic might, 
Yet surrounded by people I still stand alone, 
A stranger amongst all the friends that I’ve known.

I’ve encountered more demons than angels by far, 
And battled them both with many a scar, 
But looking back now on a life spent at war, 
I need to find peace and not fight any more. 

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Metal framed chalkboard sign…Cheers Easy!

This is one project that definitely won’t be going in the Abandoned Art box…  I’ll be hanging this one above my craft desk.  Not because it is a fantastic project.. but because it has sentimental value!  Cheers Easy is something my brother used to say.  Steve at Crafting Ability sent me a sample of the new Slate chalkboard vinyl to play with and I had been sitting on it waiting for the right project to come along.  It’s like the original Black Chalkboard vinyl that you can find on Cohas.com ( formerly known as Ziggyboard which you may have seen on various projects on the blog ).. but this one is a deep rich gray color and has a slight sating texture to it….and I am loving it.

The Cohas chalk vinyls cuts like a dream, clean up really nice and easy, so fabulous for signage which needs to be updated… but it’s also great for people like me who  can’t do cursive or fancy writing.  This particular one is just done with rubber stamps and chalk paint, but  you may have seen in previous posts where I have run this vinyl through my Cricut Explore and  written and drawn on it using Gelly Roll Pens, chalk pens and such.

Anyway… the ArtMinds metal plaque was a clearance item at one of my local Michaels.. under $3, I buffed the ornate edges with a DecorArt metallic Lustre Wax called “Black Shimmer” also on clearance at the same store…. that was $3.99 a pot and I picked up 6 pots in various colors.  Cut to size a piece of the Slate Chalkboard vinyl and applied that

… then popped on one of my favorite KennyK images from last year “Old time Bartender”. He is colored with a mix of Chameleon Pens, Zig Kurecolor and Tim Holtz distress pens by Ranger.  I did him as a Print & cut on my Cricut Explore. with the intention of making him a 3D decoupage image.. but decided to go with a single layer in the end.

Fun quick little project  for anyone needing customizable signage..or just a fun piece of wall decor.

I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page

Spotlight Series Day 2: Janice – Scrapper’s Delights

Who are you ?  My name is Janice AKA Scrapper’s Delights









Store: Scrapper’s Delights
Facebook: Scrappers Delights*
Challenge Blog: Scrapper’s Delights Challenge Blog


Where are you ? I live in the UK


When did you first start drawing/designing seriously?

Well I started off designing Digital Scrapbooking Kits back in 2009 and in June/July 2011 I started Digital Stamps.


What was the first product you ever had for sale?
I believe it was Beach Sweet Hearts 


Beach Sweet Hearts











What is your favorite piece in the whole store? 

The Proposal (Featuring Lady Jane)


The Proposal











Who is your inspiration/muse?

Mmmmm that is hard it’s not really a who I think Nature and my own imagination.


How many people work with/for you ?

I have 4 promotion teams

In total  33

I know it HUGE but they really are the best and work so hard.


Name your favorite cartoon?

The Fantastic Adventures Of Unico














Favorite quote?












What’s your guilty pleasure ?

Shopping for craft and mixed media supplies, I just have to have them ALL lol


What  job did you have BEFORE you started  drawing/designing for a living?

I was in Retail Management, Training And Delivering National Vocational Qualifications.


If you could hang out with ANYONE in the world ….  who would it be?

James Cameron Creator Of The Terminator (franchise)

….and what is the one question you would want to ask them?

Various questions on the story line and some of the inconsistencies, or potential pit falls in the time travel theory and see if there was a reasonable answer as I have laid awake contemplating this lol


What’s your favorite color?

Gosh that’s like asking which is your favorite parent lol, I love all colors I find them all YUMMY especially bright’s


What was your favorite subject in school…?

Now that one is easy ART lol


If you were getting a tattoo… what would it be? 

Oooooo this one I love it but too chicken to have it lol















What is your best and worst personality trait?

I asked my husband this and his response was:

My best is being persistent in seeing something through and not giving up.

My worse is being persistent in seeing something through and not giving up as I am a perfectionist and like a dog with a bone lol.


If you got offered a weekend in a haunted  house/castle etc.. would you say yes?

I would, as long as I had my Husband with me to hide behind lol


If you were a Cluedo Character, who would you be?

Well I did the online questions to answer this


” You got: Mr. Green

Such a sweet, sweet person. You’re completely harmless… or so they think. What everyone else doesn’t understand is that you’re the real star and everyone else is your supporting cast. Without you, everything would fall apart.”


If you suddenly changed careers and went to work at Disney…what character would you want to be?

Vanellope (Wreck It Ralph)

She can race around in a cool candy car all day and be cheeky to everyone and still be called cute lol











What’s your favorite horror movie?

Movie: Brain Dead

TV: American Horror Story


If you were reincarnated…who would you have been in a former life.

No one comes to mind sorry


When no one is listening…. do you sing in the shower?

No, sorry Im a bit boring lol


What is your most popular item in the store/shop?

Wonderland Kit & Caboodle By Scrapper’s Delights











Who was your first celebrity crush…and have you drawn them? 

Corey Haim in his teen years










How long have you been in business?

7 years


What’s your favorite event, or holiday of the year?



Do you plan to grow old gracefully, or disgracefully?

Mmmm well I love to colour my fringe/bangs bright blue/pink or purple  and I am 41 so what do you think lol


COUPON: 35% excludes gv, $1 & bundle deals. minimum spend of $5
Code: sdjpc-spotlight-2-june
Expires: June 30th



Time is precious..share it wisely

In this crazy world we live in it is so easy to lose touch with friends and people you care about.  We’re all so busy with this and that and sometimes you don’t realize you haven’t stopped to breathe for months. Yes .. you over there with the blue face and the Iphone…. put it down!  The latest viral video will still be there in 10 minutes…. chill.

Sure your phone has a calendar to remind you to send a card to someone on their birthday, but the best gift of all…. is your time. Even when you think you don’t have any to spare…. make it.  All those tomorrows you keep promising you will do things, may never happen… tomorrow is never promised for you….or anyone you love.

Don’t wait till your phone tells you it’s time to send a card; send it now.. just for the heck of it, show them you care and you are NEVER too busy for them.

Call them up, go have some coffee, hang out, talk, laugh and live a little..and show them you always have time for them..and for you.  This is a fab card just to let someone know….anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

……of course if you are like me…. the inside will have some humorous comeback to take the edge off that “serious” squishy moment  lol.  Did you really think I was going all serious on you ???  NEVER gonna happen … haha

Ok, on to the seriousness of crafting…



  • Background:  Dark Gray Recollections Card Stock, various stamps in  black Craft Smart ink
  • Image: Scrappers Delights Friday Freebie Challenge image colored with Zig Kurecolor pens from the hair and muted tones pack and a top coat of Gansai Tambi Starry Colors new pearlescent water colors.  Edges dry inked with Ranger Time Holtz Distress ink pads and a brush.  Foam mounted with Darice Foam using the new  Kuretake Photo Tape I reviewed earlier this month. Double mounted on a second contrasting pad using black Recollections Card stock and edged with a metallic gold pen.
  • Quote: Beryl Dov at Goodreads

Challenges Entered:



Bloobel Stamps – Digital Stamps Create and Share Easter Freebie

If you are a member of the Bloobel Stamps – Digital Stamps Create and Share Facebook Group… do not miss out on getting your members  “Easter Bonnet” Freebie. Such a fun image and versatile enough to be used for numerous occasions.


Bloobel stamps are quirky and fun and have a Tim Burton-ish feel to them which appeals to me.  Hubby is a huge Nightmare Before Christmas  fan and loves Tim Burton movies.

If you haven’t seen these before, hop on over and join the group. It’s a fun group and lots of inspiration… and of course check out all the other fab images from Bloobel Stamps in the  Etsy Store.

You may have seen the other projects I did recently  for one of our message board  challenges using “Bekkah Bloom”

“Mindful Me” class project piece


This is a permission slip…. the idea behind it is to remove barriers and obstacles that may be hampering your creativity..I guess is a way to explain it.


But Alyce can explain it much better than me, so take a look at this free class over at Kit & Clowder.  You are supposed to give yourself permission to be, or do things that you have perhaps not been expressing lately. Then you hang it up where you can see it on a daily basis for motivation

Most of  what I would put on mine aren’t for public consumption …. but this about sums it up anyway lol.

This was a crazy piece…. as usual….I ended up experimenting.  ..SURPRISE !!!



close up..

The basic principals of the coloring classes are there, it’s just not as obvious as it would be in a regular marker style coloring.  This one was done on White Velvet paper with Chameleon Markers, a HUGE bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol…. $2 at Walmart for a quart of 91%. Water color brushes, a touch of Zig Memory System and a swipe of flesh tone pencils here and there.

It’s perfectly imperfect …. just like me and I like it that way.  I was going to keep going with the blending and touch up and detail, but I sat and looked at it for a bit and realized that it reflects me and my personality just the way it is…. and isn’t that what it’s all about?  It’s very time consuming to do it this way, but a lot of fun….and definitely something I will try again.

It has a French Impressionist feel to it that I like…. that wasn’t my intention when starting… in fact I’m not sure I really had any solid intentions.. it just kind of “happened”. But that is often how my projects go.  I start with an idea and it just takes off with a life of it’s own .. with me tagging along behind LOL.

Anyways .. here is my Permission Slip Project from the ” Mindful Me” Kit & Clowder coloring class.  “Mindful Me” is a Free Class, so hop on over and check it out if you like to, or have always wanted to try your hand at coloring.  If you have any comments or question about how this was done… please login and leave your comments below.




Quick tip on Wink of Stella & Luna pens


I was recently asked by a message board member if her newly purchased Wink of Stella pens were dried up and not working. If you are new to Wink of Stella, or Wink of Luna pens you may not be aware of the process to get started with these pens. how-to-prime-your-brush over at CraftingAbility.com gives you the lowdown on  getting started with these pens.

They also have a quick explanation on product storage you might find useful if you are new to some of these products like I am.  I love that CraftingAbility and ZiggyBoard include tip sheets in your package too.  I keep all mine above my desk for easy reference.





Doodle Dragon Studios – Awesome Deal on 2011 digi set

If you are new to this Artist like I am…. you  will kick yourself if you don’t check this out.  I found this site last week when I was doing my usual Freebie Friday Post and poking around looking for new artists…and I was impressed, so I  grabbed the cute little Freebie Giraffe and set that as our Creative Coloring Challenge Image for November.  This challenge is to introduce new artists to the members on the message board who they may not have run across before.

So…. I went back again tonight to look at a couple of super cute dragon digis I spotted last week…and found this deal.  Hell yeah I hooked myself up…. do you even need to ask.  I’m not the only one…. One of our girls came to get the freebie for the challenge and ended up buying more digis too.  The art is cute….what can I say.  I’ll be honest it’s the dragons for me….I have been looking for cool dragons for ages to use with my son who is 3 and a half and loves to craft with mommy.

Blog Deal #2, Access to all 2011 monthly membership for a VERY limited price. Once you order you will receive a download containing a text file with the user ID and password, IF you don’t receive the download in an email all of your orders are kept in your order history by logging in on my site…

All 480 images included in this deal are located here:

That is a crazy good deal for digis…if I had had the spare money I woulda hooked myself up with the 3 year/3000 images for  $100 offer on there.

I have a feeling we will be seeing more of this artist in our message board challenges and on the blog projects.  Too cute, great, great prices.  Digis start at $1 .. so  go check it out 🙂








These panels are just a handful of the really great digis in this set.  It’s a limited time offer..so if you wan’t it.. grab it while you can.

If you would be so kind as to mention Crafting Circle in your comments if you make a purchase… that would be awesome.