UnityStamps Laminated Bookmark “First love, First Hero”

Another quickie Bookmark featuring the Unity Stamp co stamp, “First love, first hero”.  Text was from an old paperback book hubby was throwing out… waste not want not lol. I stamped it up and colored it in distress marker, then inked the edges using distress ink pads. I mounted it on a piece of card, also colored in distress inks and then laminated it and punched a hole in it for a ribbon.   This is joining the growing Abandoned Art project bucket for our upcoming “mission”.

Alcohol, pencils and a cute dino = bad humor :)

I was playing around with the pencils again on this cute new release from Scrapper’s Delights.  His name is “Gus” …. the inside of the card, reads “I figured if anyone would know.. it would be YOU!”



Gus comes in two forms, you can use him as a dragon..or a dinosaur which is a fabulous deal.   He’s a fab image for an older person…. or  kids… heck everyone loves dino’s and dragons.. right?

Love this little character, only thing is I think I should have left the shading off from around the sentiment… I changed track part way through and I don’t think that worked out so well..  maybe a redo in the future to see.  But I love playing with the pencils and alcohol…and I can definitely see more Gus in my future.. and definitely have to try him as a dragon too.

It’s another one of those cards that really looks better in person…he’s really rather cute:)

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Challenges: TBD


Quick update on the playdoh project


I haven’t forgotten about this one I promise, it’s way too much fun to forget.

I’ve ordered a few things that I really want to use on these projects… so I am just waiting for them to arrive.

I discovered my spare paper-cutter trims these playdoh sheets up quite well if you don’t need the torn edge look.  They are still a bit flexible, but you still need to be careful not to break it. Probably best to trim them down while it’s still soft if you know you want clean edges though.

The ones pictured above are a mixture of embossing, inking and spray paint with metallic highlights… so many cool ways to decorate this stuff.  If anyone else is giving this a go… be sure to share your work….I’d love to see it.  I picked up a bunch of new things to try out with this recycle playdoh idea. Super Excited to get cracking on this one again.

It’s funny how many of my mommy friends are like  OH GOD yeah we have a tonne of crappy old playdoh… this project has them excited.  We should be in good shape for quite some time, Grandma keeps picking up new pots when she finds them on sale and sending them over LOL.

Hopefully Part II won’t be much longer… depends on shipping!  I’m excited to see how this new stuff works for this…. it could be a  total bomb , or really cool.

But heh, that’s what crafting is about right….  how can you try new things if nothing ever goes  wrong?