Cricut Black Friday Deals are coming…are you ready? who is ready for some Cricut Deals?  If you are totally new to Cricut you are in for a treat…. but I would imagine most all of you are already well aware of the Cricut Explore range of cutting machines.

The possibilities are endless… wedding decor and invites, Vinyl decals, Tshirt decorating, card making… home decor, gifts.. whatever you  are into.  There are so many projects on this blog that include the Cricut Explore’s functionality  .. like the  3D layered image mounted on a slate base… or  the card projects, scrapbook pages and framed art.  I can cut, write and draw.. and if you like specialty pens…  you can do fab things with fabric pens, embossing pens and more.

This machine cuts velvet paper, vellum, shrinkydink, card, vinyl and so many more  crafting media .. and the new upgrades to Design Space that are coming… oh baby.  I am so excited … and did I mention the Cricut Explore Air 2 that just came out?   I have the original Expression and an Original Cricut Explore… but this Air 2 …. oooh lllllaaaa la.. yes please !!!


Here’s a list of the upcoming deals and coupons you can expect  for Black Friday….  I will add more  and some Cyber Monday deals in the next day or so.


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UPDATES to the Artists Challenge

Ok, just an FYI…. after some feedback from some of  the Artists, the following changes will be made to the Artists Challenge.

1: Artists can list their new images for Sale… AS SOON AS  they are entered in the challenge, instead of having to wait till the challenge is over.  This is effective immediately.

2 : The Artists Challenge will become a monthly challenge instead of quarterly. Effective after the current challenge is complete.  Monthly Schedule will begin December 1st

You can find the current challenge here  Current Artists challenge

Giveaway Updates and News!

All prizes have now been claimed in the End of Spotlight Series giveaway..and emails have been sent to all of the sponsors 🙂


to everyone that took part as a Spotlight Guest, if you missed their fun Q&A’s you can find them here… and the series will continue on a smaller scale  with the addition of more new artists and designers AND … a new series of Crafter’s Spotlights.  So be sure to check out the upcoming spotlights too.

Congrats to the winners, commiserations to those who didn’t win… BUT

like I said before..  don’t forget we still have a Chameleon Pen 5 pack of skintone colors up for grabs till the end of the month and also a new set of Gina Marie Dies that I just posted a few days ago.












so if you didn’t get lucky this time…. you still have a chance to win.

Please be sure to read  the rules regarding eligibility and prize claims…. I hate having to tell a winner they aren’t eligible for some giveaways because they don’t  live in the US, or  they didn’t claim in time…. it’s not fun.

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We have a July Crafty Awesomeness Challenge underway as well as the Artist Challenge ..

July Crafty Awesomeness is sponsored by Cute As A Button this month….






The Artists Challenge is open to Digi Artists of any style who want to take part in a  fun Quarterly Challenge of their own… I set the theme and  their imagination will take care of the rest.  Can’t wait to see the results… I have seen a sneaky peek of some  of the  entries coming…  woot woot!

I added in some new Amazon Affiliate stores to the shopping tab at the top of the page…. one is  for adult coloring books including a lot of our favorite digi stamp artists.  Big thank you to those of you who  support this blog by shopping through links on the blog  🙂

..and the other two new ones are for my goto guy for coloring supplies and unique craft products…Imageability.
CraftingAbility products &  the new Ziggy’s Choice kits which are now available at Amazon. I am super excited about these new  kits  🙂   Lots of new things going on over at Imagability and I love  it! ImageAbility …aka  CraftingAbility/Ziggyboard were one of the Spotlight Series giveaway sponsors and our lucky winner has a mystery box  in her future!  I am sooo jealous …in a good way lol.

… and now I am going to  put my feet up and do some…. more work lol.



It’s almost time for a new mid month inspirational post over at Scrapper’s Delights Challenge blog… so I shall be slaving away over that post later tonight……  and the Thrifty Thursday team have some fun offers for you  in their Christmas in July event.

Be sure to stop by and enter the current challenges on the blog and facebook group too…

Couple of changes to the blog settings for visitors


I just thought I would let you all know that registration/subscription to comment is no longer needed.

You can comment now using your email address and name …. comments have to be manually approved still….  for obvious reasons. So don’t bother wasting time if you plan to use it for advertising, or other BS…. trust me….I won’t be approving it … 🙂

But I thought this would make it easier for the casual visitors and also those who keep forgetting their login details  😛

I also added in share buttons for those of you who might find something interesting and wanted to share it to your own social media.  Find these new features at the bottom of every post 🙂

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Digi Artist Page updates

I’voverly_stripe been adding in a bunch of new digi artists I found lately, as well as a bunch of artists I didn’t know about courtesy of the lovely ladies over at Kit & Clowder Facebook Group who are very kindly sharing all of their personal favorites….

There are a tonne to add in to the list, so be patient  🙂 lots of cool artists and some great digis.   So if you like to color.. be sure and check these out 🙂

If you are a digi artist and I don’t have you listed yet… feel free to bust me a message, or leave a comment so I can add you in 🙂

Quick update on the playdoh project


I haven’t forgotten about this one I promise, it’s way too much fun to forget.

I’ve ordered a few things that I really want to use on these projects… so I am just waiting for them to arrive.

I discovered my spare paper-cutter trims these playdoh sheets up quite well if you don’t need the torn edge look.  They are still a bit flexible, but you still need to be careful not to break it. Probably best to trim them down while it’s still soft if you know you want clean edges though.

The ones pictured above are a mixture of embossing, inking and spray paint with metallic highlights… so many cool ways to decorate this stuff.  If anyone else is giving this a go… be sure to share your work….I’d love to see it.  I picked up a bunch of new things to try out with this recycle playdoh idea. Super Excited to get cracking on this one again.

It’s funny how many of my mommy friends are like  OH GOD yeah we have a tonne of crappy old playdoh… this project has them excited.  We should be in good shape for quite some time, Grandma keeps picking up new pots when she finds them on sale and sending them over LOL.

Hopefully Part II won’t be much longer… depends on shipping!  I’m excited to see how this new stuff works for this…. it could be a  total bomb , or really cool.

But heh, that’s what crafting is about right….  how can you try new things if nothing ever goes  wrong?

Cricut Design Space…updates??

I just logged in and found some changes..  
…at a quick glance the first thing I noticed is the upload feature is combined so now jpegs and vectors all upload in the same place.. AND … you can now upload pattern fills!!! so I am assuming there is also now a fill feature? I will look see shortly.



The other thing I noticed is the grid.. the mat has an alignment grid, which hopefully came with a snap to or some other positioning aids ?? we shall see. I  wonder what else is new.. time to go explore with my Explore 🙂