Another fun digital stamp… Sugar Plum, or Nutcracker?

I love this one…. it just made me smile. We’re all so worried about appearances and what is socially acceptable nowadays and fitting in… who the hell wants to just “fit in”????

..and this image, “Ballerina Lady” by Gordon Fraser just screams


No matter what shape, size, age, color or even color of your hair..tattoos, no tattoos, peircings, no peircings…… grab life by the ..’Nutcrackers’ and enjoy it.. you only get one.

Colored with Chameleon Pens on
Canson Mix Media Paper
icon Canson Mix Media 9×12

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Spotlight Series Day 23, Bennett Klein

Who are you?
Bennett Klein




Facebook Page





Where are you?
Toronto, Ontario

When did you first start drawing/designing seriously?
In art school, 1980, Montreal Dawson college.

What was the first product you ever had for sale?
A poster for a Fur Coat manufacturer when I was 14 (wouldn’t do that today

Who is your inspiration/muse?
Bernie Wrightson

How many people work with/for you?

Just me, but I have a 4 person Mural team that I bring in when needed.

Name your favorite cartoon?
Still has to be bugs bunny, hard not to love that classic.

Favorite quote?
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Ghandi

What’s your guilty pleasure ?
Afternoon naps

What job did you have BEFORE you started drawing/designing for a living?
I was a marketing creative director in the ad industry.


Coloring Books on Amazon


Coloring Books on Amazon

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 I will be compensated for purchases made through affiliate links on this page